Medical Malpractice Defense in San Diego County

Law Office of Robert A. Cosgrove - Medical Malpractice Defense

At Robert A. Cosgrove & Associates, we know medicine is an art. We are prepared to defend your rights and interests at every stage of a potential conflict, from negotiation and settlement through litigation. We have established relationships with medical professionals and experts in a wide range of specialties and can effectively protect your rights and objectives.

Offering strategic legal counsel and advocacy to protect the interests of medical professionals

We have a tailored medical malpractice defense practice focused on the legal needs of professionals including physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and hospitals. Both physician and hospital liability can be detrimental to the financial security and reputation of individuals and entities. Our attorneys pursue every available avenue of defense to protect the interests of our clients in cases involving all areas and specialties of medical practice and healthcare provider liability.

Law Office of Robert A. Cosgrove, ESQ. - Defense of Healthcare Professionals in San Diego County

Health care professionals face unique challenges when threatened with medical malpractice claims. In addition to the loss of professional licenses and reputation, you may also suffer additional financial consequences and penalties. At Robert A. Cosgrove & Associates, we offer strategic advocacy and defense to preserve your rights and interests as a medical provider.

We are experienced in healthcare professional defense litigation and handle The Following:

Failure to diagnose: Patients who receive a late diagnosis of cancer or other life-threatening disease or illness often blame the physician for failing to detect the issue earlier or not performing appropriate tests for a host of disease and conditions.

Surgical errors: Many malpractice or wrongful death claims arise out of injuries that occur during or after surgery. We will examine the facts of the case, review the level of care, and consult with experts to protect your interests.

Elder abuse cases: Specific California laws allow for enhanced remedies in elder abuse cases. If the plaintiff can prove reckless and willful conduct, the damages can be much higher. This is a specialized practice area that requires meticulous, and agressive advocacy. Our attorneys are well-versed to defend in cases involving nursing home facilities, bed sores, ulcers, malnutrition, abuse, and neglect.

Psychiatric negligence: Psychiatric negligence claims involve the allegation that someone was inappropriately admitted to a psychiatric facility, proper care was not provided, or a patient harmed themselves or someone else. 

Birth injuries: Birth injury malpractice allegations often involve premature birth, loss of oxygen, and learning disability matters, among other claims.

Public entity defense: Our attorneys handle public entity defense with extensive experience in the specific government code in California that has various additional defenses for government and public entities.

Administrative proceedings: Our firm has also defended clients in actions in front of the California Medical Board in administrative health care defense proceedings and investigations pertaining to licensing.

We are experienced and well-versed in the investigation and defense in all of these areas of medicine and more.

Personal Injury Representation in San Diego County

Law Office of Robert A. Cosgrove, ESQ. - Personal Injury Representation in San Diego County


A serious personal injury or wrongful death can have lifelong consequences including the inability to work or care for your family, permanent disabilities and the loss of a loved one. When you and your family are faced with the hardships caused by an accident or negligence, it is important to protect your rights. At Robert A. Cosgrove & Associates, our attorneys have over 70 years of combined legal experience in protecting the rights of the victims and families of personal injuries.

We pursue every avenue of recovery to recover full compensation.

We know how to quickly and effectively investigate a claim, and work with experts, witnesses, and documents to support your case. From your initial consultation through the final resolution of your case, we will remain dedicated to maximizing compensation for you and your family.

We have extensive experience in handling claims involving The Following:

  • Car accidents: rear-end collisions, pedestrian, bike accidents
  • Truck accidents: highway accidents, rollovers, SUV accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents: paraplegia, quadriplegia, serious head injuries
  • Premises liability: dog bites, slip and falls

Dedicated advocacy you can trust

Our attorneys understand that every client faces a unique set of challenges and losses as a result of an injury. We take a comprehensive approach to every case to attempt to recover what is owed to the victim. While we are strategic negotiators, we are also prepared to try a case. We will aggressively assert your rights to recover all medical expenses, future care needs, awards for pain and suffering, and additional financial or personal losses you have suffered as the result of an injury.


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